Mission Statement

To empower families to live and grow in harmony with God and each other.

The home is considered as a symbol of heaven. The church endeavors to strengthen our homes and families by presenting practical assistance through workshops and seminars on parenting, marriage and the family circle.

Events include:

  • Family Strengthening Seminars
  • Marriage Strengthening Workshops
  • Spiritual Awakening Services
  • Social Development Functions
  • Referrals to Agencies and Resources

The Family Ministries encompass:

Women’s Ministry

“The mission of the Women’s Ministry Division of North America is to model Jesus through meaningful relationships and effective ministries”. We uphold this mission as our model to assist women in attaining their full potential in the spiritual, emotional, physical and social facets of life

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Men’s Ministry

The men’s ministry exists to provide Christian fellowship among the male population of the church. Men can learn to trust and become vulnerable with each other a lot more than they can with their spouses and family.


Single’s Ministry

The Personal Ministries Department provides resources and training to church members to unite their efforts with the ministry and church officers in the final proclamation of the gospel of salvation in Christ.